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I am passionate about both erotica and romance. I read my first Mills and Boon when I was eight and a year later secretly read my first book of erotica, The Ring of Bondage. This book is sadly now out-of-print, but I still have a vivid memory of the stories. I penned my first work of erotica almost fifteen years ago, an untitled two-page short story written purely for personal titillation - I love twins and let’s say it was very effective. The story became Double the Trouble when I finally gave in to the compulsion to write. Once I started writing I couldn’t stop and within two months I had written another seven stories. The feedback I got from family and close friends was encouraging, so I decided to publish the eight stories as one volume. The name Bedtime Erotica exactly conveyed the message I wanted to get across to the reader – erotica for reading curled up in a cosy bed with a partner or a favourite toy. I started writing Bedtime Erotica For Freaks (like me) even before I approved the final draft of Bedtime Erotica. A friend had commented that she wanted less storyline and more sex after she had read my first story so I decided to make this book steamier and less romantic. I reveal my darker side in this book. It will not appeal to all the people who liked my first book but I am sure, like me, there are readers who have their freakier moments. Bedtime Erotica for Men is not strictly for the male population, although the seven stories were written with men in mind. I find the stories extremely erotic myself and anyone, male or female, who enjoyed my first two books will definitely enjoy this one too. This book isn’t as freaky as the second but it is raunchier than the first. All three books are explicit, and are enjoyed by both sexes based on the feedback I have received, but I wrote Bedtime Erotica for women who like their sex well-done, Bedtime Erotica For Freaks (like me) for men and women who like their sex rare or kinky and Bedtime Erotica for Men for men who like their sex medium-rare. I have no immediate plans to write any more books in this series but two of my closest friends are lesbians and they have told me that I must write Bedtime Erotica for Lesbians. They have promised to provide free consultation, but I will perhaps stick to what I know!

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