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St Valentine’s Day, 2007.

San Antonio’s largest hall was filled to overflowing with women—women who had come from all over the world just to see him. Women of all ages, races, sizes and shapes. Women who had nothing in common except him…and the hunger they shared for him. Women who had waged a fierce, silent battle to be among his top Myspace friends—sending pictures that would tantalize and entice him. Hundreds of women who now stood dressed as scantily as possible, provocatively accentuating their finer points hoping that he’d notice.

The lights dimmed as the curtains slowly swung open. Every eye was fixed on the muscular silhouette of the man being slowly revealed as soft lights flooded the stage. Collectively they held their breaths, waiting…dying for their first glimpse of him in the flesh.

He was magnificent! His shoulders unbelievably broad, his waist trim—the ridges of his six-pack visible under his crisp light blue shirt, his legs powerful and strong. His sexy, slumberous eyes swept the room slowly, touching each woman like a caress. There were several thuds as women fainted, overcome with the intensity of their feelings when his eyes briefly met theirs. None of the other women paid any attention to the casualties—it was every woman for herself—all eyes remained fixed on him.

He looked at his ladies—they were all beautiful to him—such a pity that he had to make a choice. “Ladies, thank you all for coming at such short notice. As you know I will be taking one lucky lady home with me tonight but please allow me to show how much I appreciate you taking the time to be here on a special night like this.”

He clicked his fingers and soft, slow, sensuous music filtered through strategically placed speakers. He reached for the top button of his shirt, slowly eased it open before sliding his fingers down to the next, and the next. A few more bodies hit the floor as he seductively slid his shirt off and revealed the rippling chocolate perfection of his upper body before casually letting his unzipped trousers slide down his thighs. Several of the women who had fainted opened their eyes and got groggily to their feet, only to faint again as they caught sight of him—naked except for black silk boxers.

The bulge of his penis was unmistakable—there was more than enough of him to satisfy any woman’s desires. Never had a pair of boxers been so envied…oh, to be the black silk touching him so intimately.

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and let the remaining garment fall. Ecstatic, disbelieving screams filled the air, drowning out the sounds of even more bodies hitting the floor.

He was magnificent!

© 2007 Lexy Harper


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